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High-Risk Candidates for Life Insurance

All of the insurance companies have different criteria on which an individual is expected to stand before availing the long-term insurance schemes. The insurance company considers these criteria for determining the total amount that should be paid by the buyer in premiums.

The term “High-risk candidates” stands for those people who have very less life expectancy. In other words, the high-risk candidates are those people who have an increased probability of death or disability due to different aspects of their lifestyle or health.

Although there are a lot of factors that decide whether a candidate is normal or a high-risk candidate but some common factors include pre-existing medical conditions of the candidate like heart disease, HIV, sports or any other occupation that are dangerous for the candidate and lifestyle habits of the candidate such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

Listed below are some of the important factors that pull the candidate at high risk regarding life insurance:

Candidates occupation and risks related to it

Occupations are determined based on the nature of the work and the level of risks related to it. According to the insurance companies, if a candidate is included in activities like construction, mining, fishing, agriculture, engineering, etc. then they will be called as having a high risk of death or accident and hence it results in a higher premium.

Although these rules are not applied on all of the candidates working in these sectors. The candidates who are at the higher post such as an administrator, manager, officer are said to have a low risk and they can ask their providers to review their premiums based on the reduced level of risk.

Bad and unhealthy lifestyle

Daily lifestyle also plays a vital role in governing whether a candidate is at high risk or completely risk-free. Smoking, heavy drinking or drug use can all be considered high by the insurance companies. Any lifestyle factors that come with an increased medical cost or a raised chance of disability or death can result in paying higher premiums.

There are many ways of finding whether a candidate is having a healthy or bad lifestyle such as by Medical testing, Blood tests, Body Mass Index(BMI) calculators, etc.

The health and age of the candidate

For finding the average health of a candidate the insurance company checks whether the candidate has any pre-existing medical conditions or not. Apart from this factor, the company also checks whether the candidate is undergoing any treatment or not. In case of any pre-existing medical record of the candidate, he or she must have to complete medical check-up for being eligible to apply. Age plays a big in getting an affordable policy. The older you are the costlier the policy will be. However, it is possible to get life insurance for seniors over 70 at lower cost if you can find the right provider.

Candidates involvement in different risky activities

The candidate may have different hobbies that are a little bit risky such as mountain biking, skydiving, river rafting, bungee jumping, etc. These high-risk hobbies are, in fact, distinct risk factors and many policies will flat-out discard specific pastimes. Although by providing an extra amount one may find a provider to do some arrangements for the candidate & it is very expensive.

find affordable life insurance for seniors

How to Find Affordable Life Insurance for Senior Citizens?

As we know that it is very useful for senior citizens to avail the long-term life insurance for the purpose of life insurance is to help protect the loved ones in the event when the candidate faces death. But it is also very important to buy an insurance which is easily affordable to the candidate. However, we always recommended to buy life insurance in an early stage of life, read it.

So, listed below are few ways by following which one can easily find an affordable life insurance for senior citizens:

Staying away from overbuying

It is not appropriate to buy as much of the life insurance in the old age as one can buy it during an early period of their ages. As the old age people have less financial obligations, they need less insurance. The kids are hopefully out of the scenario. Maybe the retirement investments have increased. The house might be paid off. If any of these conditions describes someone, then it is very much suitable for them not to buy too much of the life insurance.

Trying for a term life insurance

A term life insurance is something which is brought to cover a certain amount of time. These life insurance are generally ranging from 5 to 30 years. This type of insurance gives the best coverages at the cheapest price. It is easily affordable since the premium is typically lower comparing other insurance policies.

But the problem related to this type of insurance is that the policy term of the candidate will not hold any cash value if it is not used by the end of the policy term of the candidate. Although it is very much beneficial for the senior citizens because it is an easily convertible allowing the insurer to change the type of policy from one type to another according to the need of the candidate.

Survivorship policy for senior couples

It is one of the best insurance policies for the senior couples. Like the term policy, it has also got a very lower premium amount. The way it works is that both individuals are covered under one permanent insurance plan. The death benefits are only paid upon the death of both insured. If you need any help to find this policy, contact us.

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance

This type of insurance is best for those people having a weak condition of the health. As we know that in the old age time the body becomes weak and more susceptible to the diseases, it becomes very difficult for the senior candidates to pass the tests conducted by the insurance companies.

The main advantage to the senior citizens is that if they will try for this type of insurance, they will surely get accepted no matter if their health condition is good or bad. It is also very good for those candidates who are interested in having a small amount of death benefits coverage.

life insurance buying early

7 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Early

The word Life insurance refers to a kind of monetary cover for any unpredictable happenings linked with human life. These happenings can be related to death, disability, and accidents which do not give any warning to the individual before its occurring. As we know that the human life is subject to risks of death and disability due to natural and man-made or accidental causes.

When a person suffers from any of these risks, there is a loss of income to the household which becomes difficult to handle most of the times. Although a human life is priceless, a financial sum could be defined based on the loss of income in future years.

These are what make the Life insurance very important and necessary to ensure a risk-free household income for the long run. But, unfortunately, this Life insurance can get extremely costly most of the times. And the best way to overcome this problem is to buy it early.

Listed below are the 7 best reasons which make it very important to buy life insurance early


If someone buys life insurance at an early age, it will result in them to pay less amount as the body is not an easy target of the risks such as diabetes and cancer at the early age. In most of the cases, the serious body disorders arrive when an individual is old since aging results the body to become more susceptible to diseases. It is quite expensive to get life insurance for elderly.

2.Providing support to the dependents:

People tend to have more responsibilities at their early age while comparing it with the time when they are old. At the early period of their age, they get a family with newborn kids. And, taking care of kids and providing them a healthy future is their responsibilities. Life insurance can be very helpful at this period of time since it will provide a backup to the bread earners income.

3.Earns loyalty benefits:

It is one of the strategies of the insurance companies to maintain the competitiveness in the market by providing some additional benefits to those who have been their client for a long time. Investing in the early age will result in the individual to get these benefits until the time they turn fifty.

4.Pays multiple tax benefits:

A premium is simply some amount of money that an individual must pay to continue the insurance policy. The premium paid for the life insurance decreases the total taxable income and accordingly one can utilize to save some amount from their income also. So, it can be said that buying early life insurance helps the buyer to focus on the savings by providing extra benefits.

5.Builds cash surrender value:

The surrender value of an insurance contract is the amount offered to the policy owner by issuing life carrier upon cancellation of the contract. Buying early life insurance can help in accumulating surrender value. If someone buys a permanent life insurance early, this will give them extra time to put the money into the insurance plan and also allows them to draw interest on their money for a long time.

6.Getting access to the easy policies:

An insurance company finds the early age people more effective for buying the insurance since they are young, they have many productive years ahead and fewer health complications. So, it takes very easy efforts to get access to all the benefits related to the insurance while one applies it at the early age.

7.Leaving a will:

It may sound a bit different but, if someone has the interest in doing charities and other related things, it’s a good choice for them to opt for the life insurance in their early age itself. According to Forbes.com, an easy and costless way to leave money to a good cause is to attach a charitable giving rider when one buys a life insurance policy. These riders are usually free of cost and do not even have any effects on the cash value of the insurance policy respectively.

How to Get Life Insurance If You Are Suffering from HIV or AIDS?

HIV is the short term for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus causes one of the non-curable and lethal diseases called acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. People know this disease as AIDS. Even with all the advancement of medical science, we can’t find a cure for this disease.

The worse part of this not only there is no cure for it but also it will destroy all the immunity system that defends you from the other diseases. Actually, this virus disables your ability to fight with any kind of diseases. Worst of all, it will not make you disable in a moment, it is like slow poison. It will drive you to the death very slowly and painfully. Life insurance for people with HIV is problematic in the financial sector.

When any person is diagnosed with this disease, it is like giving them or hand over them a death notice. More likely it wants to say that pains and sufferings are waiting for you. It will happen not only physically or mentally but also financially. After getting this shocking news, they start to think about the future. How your family will manage without your sources of income.

How they will handle the whole situation without you, financially. All these problems can be solved with a life insurance policy.

But there is a huge question here.

Can You Get Life Insurance with HIV?

Even before a couple of years, HIV affected people didn’t get a life insurance. Thanks to the new rule, now they can apply for regular life insurance. This injustice is happening for over a decade while other diseases like cancer, heart disease patients are getting a life insurance.

These diseases are as lethal as HIV or AIDS. If cancer or heart patients can get a life insurance, why an HIV patient can’t get one? However, this injustice has stopped after the announcement of insurance underwrites president on world aids day in 2013.

This gives a huge relief to the patients of AIDS. So, they can make a plan for their family’s or loved one’s financial future. Now, they can have something to help them in that time of need.

If you already have a life insurance and it is more than 2 years old, and you got diagnosed with AIDs or HIV, then it will make a little impact on your insurance policy as you have passed the medical exam while purchasing the policy. But if you don’t have a policy and you are diagnosed with HIV, in that case, the whole scenario gets changed completely.

Can I Get Life Insurance if I Have HIV, Not AIDS?

Yes, you can get insurance policy if you have AIDS.

There is a difference between having HIV and AIDS. If you have HIV, it means you have the virus in your body but yet not a patient. So, a person can have HIV in his body system, but he can be healthy. You cannot be healthy if you have AIDs. I know it complicated to understand. I have explained it to you in the easiest way.

AIDS is the main diseases and HIV is the virus. If you have the virus then surely you will have this diseases in next 5 or 7 years but not now. Even after diagnosed with HIV you can deal healthy life for a certain period. But AIDS is the disease. There are very limited times for you after you have AIDS in your system.

However, you can get a policy even after you have HIV. But there will be limited types of insurance offers. You have to choose wisely; otherwise, you will end on the wrong side of the deal. In other policy, you may end up with a bad situation and later get recovered from it.

There is a little chance for you to get the same in this matter. In other words, this will be the last financial policy for your family’s betterment. Hence, you have to be clear about it. Just do not jump on any policy. Learn the whole policy before you get it.

Cost of Life Insurance for People with HIV

We need to consider that HIV is a huge risk in term of physical condition. There is a close relationship between insurance and health. HIV patients are considered as high-risk clients. So, of course, the price of the premium will be higher. But also you have to understand that we are not talking about any kind diseases, it is HIV. So, you will have to pay more than 3 times of the premium than a normal healthy person. It will be a better idea that you can compare rates from us and get the cheapest policy as we have covered all the top underwriters.

Options for HIV Patients

There are no too many life insurance options for HIV patients. Sometimes you can have a life insurance through a group life insurance. This will happen when you will work in a company that provides the employee’s life insurance facilities. Then you will have a life insurance even though you have HIV.

Another option for you is guaranteed acceptance life insurance. This is the last hope for any kind of terminally sick person. In this type of insurance, you do not need to give any kind of medical information. So, you are totally safe from your physical facts. It is also known as no medical policy.

If you have other diseases with HIV then it will be a high bummer on policy. If the insurance company knows that you have other physical problems with HIV then the insurance company may reject you.